"Our Quality of Life is My #1 Priority" 

I moved here in 1998 to raise my family in a community where everyone knew your name. I did not want to raise my children in Miami where no one even knows their neighbor.  I am proud to say I made the right decision, with my daughter graduating from Stetson University and now working on her Master's at Florida Atlantic University and my son currently attending Florida State University. I believe my family flourished in our community.  I have been very involved in my children's schools, and very involved in our community. I have been a Boy Scout Leader and my business has sponsored many Little League Teams, supported the Wild Bird Center, Marr-Velous Pet Rescue, Key Largo Wild Kingdom Program, Coral Shores High School Marine Biology and the list goes on. For the past 8 years I have been elected and served on KLWTD Board and I am proud of the work I have done there and the accomplishments achieved with our visits to Tallahassee and Washington D.C. As a Monroe County Commissioner my goal is tackling issues such as: Traffic, Canal Restoration, Building Permits Government, Spending, D.O.T., Unfunded State Mandates, Land taking Taxes.  I want to see our money being spent wisely. I am not going to vote on issues because that is how "things have been done" I will vote in a manner that will help the community and our local businesses.

I need your support and vote.  

-Robby Majeska